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Termites can be nasty little blighters and wreak havoc on our beloved Queenslander homes. Who better to help you with termite damage repairs, then a specialist in Queenslander renovations. At Craig Rynne Constructions, we don't pigeon hole ourselves to any one particular area of a building, but we do have extensive home repair and renovation experience. This is why we're best equipped to handle your termite or white ant damage repairs.


Termites could be everywhere and in abundance, but with some helpful tips, you will be able to combat them against future insertions. Brisbane homes are susceptible to termites due to our beautiful climate. The Brisbane climate is not just greatly suited to us, but termites as well. This is why we need to be vigilant against protecting our home from termites.

Termite damage and white ant damage Brisbane are the same things. The good thing to know is that Craig from Craig Rynne Constructions is available as your local builder is available to service and repair any work required as a result of termite damage. This work is all fully guaranteed by a licensed builder. Termite damage repair work is not suitable for handymen when the structure of the dwelling may be compromised.

If you have a home that requires repair due to termite infestation, we will be able to help you. If you're thinking of renovating a colonial Brisbane home then it would be best to talk to us about how best to utilise the modern construction materials of today, with the lovely hardwoods of yesteryear. It's important to understand that termites will eat hardwood, that is their native vegetation after all,  but they'll eat the modern-day softwoods a lot quicker and easier, if not installed correctly. We've seen it time and time again, where termites will use the hardwood as cover to get to the softwoods and absolutely destroy the softwoods in no time.

If required an engineering certificate can be acquired, this is particularly useful prior to the sale of a home. Quite often it's easy for prospective buyers to be put off as a result of seeing or hearing about termite or white ant damage in a prospective purchased property. Even though the termite damage may be cosmetic by nature it's sometimes still best to deal with this prior to the sale of a property. As further reassurance, an engineering certificate can be provided to combat this.


As part of the new framing works sometimes it's best to ensure that additional protection from termites is provided. There are great protective termite barriers that can be put in place during the renovation and construction phase that will prevent termites re-inhabiting the dwelling at a later date.


If you're concerned that your property may have suffered termite or white ant damage in Brisbane then please contact Craig and arrange a free safety inspection. As part of this, we can address any necessary issues associated with compromised bracing or tie-down issues. This is particularly important in Brisbane when dealing with storms associated with the region. You may also want to make sure that the dwelling is not compromised putting your insurance at risk.


If you're wanting to carry out a Brisbane home extension, we'll take a full picture assessment of your home and account for potential termite entry points, so that we can keep your home safe for years to come. This may mean some minor maintenance work to the existing home and then we can focus on the renovation that you've always wanted. Why deal with repairmen when you can deal with colonial restoration specialists who've got years of experience with older and new homes alike.











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