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Termite Damage Repair Process

When you find termites in your home, you want to find a trusted professional quickly and for reasonable cost. It can be a tense time trying to decipher the list of tradesmen in order to find the right professional for the job. There are so many horror stories about unregistered tradesmen or botched jobs, or over-priced repairmen. As many happy homeowners have discovered; Craig Rynne Construction is the builder you’re looking for.


The first clue can be seen in our response time and our attention to detail. Craig Rynne Constructions are committed to a 24 hour  business turn around on all enquiries. The next clue is our extensive list of happy customers, see our testimonials. Craig Rynne Constructions goes above and beyond to ensure all of our customers are thrilled with the work we complete. Additionally, you can rest easy knowing that Craig Rynne Constructions is a registered builder, and as such, is covered by the QBCC’s extensive warranty.

Craig and his team have saved many "for sale contracts" on homes after a building and pest inspection has revealed the horror. and damage caused by these critters.  Don't loose that sale or have it prevent you making an offer on your dream home.  We can give you a detailed report to show you what you are looking at to repair the damage.


Once you have decided to engage Craig Rynne Constructions for your termite damage repair project, the process is actually very simple. Our team are experienced project managers, meaning you can relax while we organise everything.


1. Quoting


The first thing that Craig Rynne Constructions will do is visit your property to asses the damage and provide a quote for our services.  There are two ways that our team can repair the damaged areas in your home:

  1. Is to replace the compromised sections of wood entirely.

  2. Is to add a wood support adjacent to the affected areas.


During the quoting process, we will assess each home on a case-by-case basis to ensure that you receive a tailored solution to your termite damaged home.  If you have a limited budget, or have a specific plan in mind for your home it is best to discuss this with our team during the quoting process.


2. Ensure Treatment Is Completed and Effective


Ensuring that your home is fully protected from further damage is an integral step in the repair process. There is no point repairing damage if any part of the colony remains. Similarly, if preventative measures have not been put in place to prevent future infestations, you are setting your home up to fail you.


Director Craig Rynne has 21 years experience as a builder and can offer full home assessments for potential re-entry points, as well as recommend a list of trusted exterminators should you need it.


3. Begin Repairs


After the quote has been accepted and the property has been treated and cleared of all termites, the construction process will begin. Our team has been hand-picked and honed to perfection over 2 decades in the building and construction industry. Craig Rynne Constructions also use an exclusive network of thoroughly vetted subcontractors, drafters, and tradesmen when needed.


After all repair work has concluded, Craig Rynne Constructions can provide you with advice on maintaining a termite-free property, as well as assisting with the organisation of ongoing inspections.


For more information on the repair process, please contact our friendly team today. Our experienced team will be able to guide you towards the most effective solutions for your home and budget.  

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Craig Rynne Constructions offers professional building services to Brisbane and all surrounding suburbs.

With 21 years experience and fully licenced and registered with HIA.

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