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Termite Repairs 

Termites can be pesky invaders, wreaking havoc on our beloved Queenslander homes. Who better to assist you with termite damage repairs than specialists in Queenslander renovations? At Craig Rynne Constructions, while we don't confine ourselves to specific areas of building, we boast extensive experience in home repairs and renovations, making us well-equipped to tackle termite or white ant damage repairs.

Discovering termites in your home can be distressing, prompting an urgent need for action. However, delays in responses from pest controllers or builders can exacerbate the situation. Here at Craig Rynne Constructions, we prioritise prompt and efficient service.

Given Brisbane's favorable climate, termites thrive, making it imperative to safeguard our homes against infestations. Termite damage, also known as white ant damage, necessitates professional repair, backed by a licensed builder's guarantee. With structures potentially compromised, termite damage repair work requires the expertise of qualified professionals rather than handymen.

If your home requires termite-related repairs or you're contemplating renovating a colonial Brisbane home, consult us to explore the integration of modern construction materials with traditional hardwoods. While termites naturally feed on hardwood, modern softwoods are equally vulnerable, highlighting the importance of proper installation.

An engineering certificate can provide reassurance, especially before property sales, alleviating concerns prospective buyers may have regarding termite damage. Implementing protective termite barriers during renovations and constructions helps prevent future infestations.

Concerned about potential termite damage? Contact Craig Rynne for a complimentary safety inspection. We address any compromised structural elements, crucial for safeguarding homes against Brisbane's stormy weather and ensuring compliance with insurance requirements.

For comprehensive home assessments, including identifying potential termite entry points, count on us to safeguard your home's integrity. With our expertise spanning both older and newer homes, why settle for
repairmen when you can collaborate with colonial restoration specialists?

Timber which had been damaged by termites and needs to be repaired
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Termite Repairs

At Craig Rynne Constructions, our dedication goes beyond constructing new homes and renovations. Recognising the significant need for expert termite repair services, we expanded our expertise to form Brisbane Termite Repairs, Gold Coast Termite Repairs, and Sunshine Coast Termite Repairs. With over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, our skilled team is equipped to handle a wide range of termite repair projects. Whether you're dealing with minor damage or extensive structural issues, we bring the same level of expertise, precision, and commitment to excellence that defines our construction projects. Our goal is to provide peace of mind and restore your home to its original integrity.


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