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Renovations and Extensions

With over two decades of experience, Craig Rynne Constructions specialises in crafting new decks and expanding homes across Brisbane, spanning North, Bayside, Logan, and Western suburbs. Our extensive portfolio showcases a range of projects, from new deck constructions to home extensions, enhancing existing properties and revitalising structures, thereby increasing their overall value.

Leveraging Queensland's beautiful climate, we can help you harness cool summer breezes and warm winter sunlight through functional home extensions. By creating new living spaces and opening up existing areas, we enhance the functionality of your home, providing hours of enjoyment in your expanded living space. Instead of seeking a larger house as your family grows, we can assist in designing the additional space you need within your current property, often saving you both money and the stress of relocating.

Beyond simply adding space, home extensions offer an opportunity to modernise specific areas such as bathrooms, bedrooms, garages, or living spaces, breathing new life into your home.

At Craig Rynne Constructions, we take pride in capturing the essence of the iconic Queenslander style, and extending your current home is an excellent way to achieve this transformation. If you require assistance in designing or building your next extension, please don't hesitate to contact our office.


Take a look at our Renovations and Extensions

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