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5 Tips for Home Renovation

1. Ideas & Inspiration

Let your inner creativity flare shine through by creating inspiration boards of images/designs/colours you like. Tools such as Pinterest, attending open/display homes and physically seeing different house layouts or watch home renovating shows that feature what is trending in real-estate now.

2. Set your budget

Be realistic - Find out how much you can afford on a renovation

3. Connect with a reputable builder

Build a working relationship with a builder before you have any plans is beneficial as they may already have a team of carefully selected professionals (drafting, engineering, certifier, tradespeople) who they work with daily. It is very important when selecting your builder that you feel comfortable with their team, have trust in their ability and believe you would work well together to form a good working relationship.

4. Quoting process

If you are getting multiple comparison quotes for your scope of works, ensure that you are comparing "green apples with green apples". Having a quote that is itemised showing where costings are being allocated to, helps you stay on top of your budget, our number 2 tip.

5. Communication

Once you have chosen your builder, communication is paramount, work closely with your builder so both of you are on the same page regarding what works are in progress, and when you will be needed for onsite meetings etc.

Birkarla St Bulimba

Craig Rynne Constructions has all the above attributes – If you have a project that you have been contemplating or just not sure how to make your dreams became reality – Call us for a chat – We love helping people’s dreams come true.

Call Craig Rynne Constructions – Craig’s direct number 0418 883 004 or email us



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