Mould Damage and mould repairs

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Mould Damage and Mould Repairs Brisbane


Brisbane’s sunshiny weather and so many perfect blue day skies keep mould at bay most of the time. However, it’s nice to know that there’s a builder that you can rely on if you’ve had an unfortunate experience with mould damage and you need mould repairs carried out to your home. Craig Rynne Constructions are those Brisbane builders, we’ve had a lot of experiences with new and old home alike, when it comes to repairing Brisbane mould damage. And because our Brisbane climate is harsh on mould it means that we can usually identify the source of mould and take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of your family and home long into the future.  


Queensland building biologist Pauline Ferguson says "It's toxic and can cause illness." Ferguson says "It will exacerbate existing illnesses such as asthma or allergies and slows healing of wounds. It damages the physical structure of your home or building and contaminates anything it contacts.”


Is mould in your home DANGEROUS?


The mould you see from the surface is always a far less than the full picture. As evident by the above quote, it’s important to realise that mould in your home can be extremely potent to your health and your house. Craig Rynne Constructions has extensive experience in Brisbane renovations and extensions. These skill set also makes us uniquely qualified for mould maintenance and repair work. Our company is use to dealing with existing structures and the dirty work that comes with renovation and repair. We also know the required standards for building and new homes, so as a result we’re equipped with the knowledge and experience required to handle Brisbane mould damage repair work.


What causes mould in homes and how do I prevent it?

If you have a problem with mould in your house then you should contact us immediately for a no obligation free quote. During this free consultation we’ll offer advice on how to repair your mould damage and more importantly, on how to prevent it from entering your home in the future. There are a number of factors that can cause mould infestation. These can range from drainage and damp issues as a result of poor construction or simply a lack of ventilation. Lack of ventilation causes stagnant air and this combined with humidity is the perfect breeding ground for mould. You should also be made aware that mould issues do not discriminate against Queenslander or post war homes, they can be even worse in new homes. Modern house designs can lend themselves to poor ventilation and in an attempt to fit more buildings in smaller spaces, ventilation and lighting can be lacking. This is seeing a spike in mould problems throughout new homes and units in Brisbane.


No idea if your house is in danger?

If you feel like the house in having a mould issue and not sure what action(s) is required, give us a call or fill in the contact us form below and we will get in touch shortly to provide you assistance.


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