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Termites are one of the leading causes of ‘preventable home damage’. These ugly cockroach cousins are a force to be reckoned with throughout South East Queensland.

Our temperate weather and abundance of plant material (in homes and in backyards) are a siren call for nature’s fiercest composter.


Craig Rynne Constructions have over 20 years experience in the building industry and have spent extensive time repairing termite damage. Frustratingly, throughout this time, we’ve learned that some areas are more prone to termite invasion.

Suburbs often affected include:

  • Browns Plains

  • Cedar Creek

  • Cedar Grove

  • Eagleby

  • Greenbank

  • Jimboomba

  • Logan Central

  • Logan Reserve

  • Logan Village

  • Monarch Glen

  • Slacks Creek

  • Undullah


What To Do If You Find Termites


There are many termite home-treatment options available. While many of these are excellent additional preventative measures, these products should never replace a professional.

It can be very tempting to treat and repair termite damage when you find it, but the truth is: unless you are experienced and qualified in building and pest control, you are leaving your home and family at risk.


Termites are notorious for foraging nearly 100 metres from their nest and for finding the most hidden entry points. Buying a pump-pack spray from a hardware store is not going to allow you to reach those invisible tunnels. The Craig Rynne Construction team specialise in, not only, killing existing termites, but also in preventing future invasions.


Additionally, it is integral that the termite damage is assessed by a professional, licensed builder to ensure that your home’s structure has not been compromised.


If your concerned that your home may have suffered termite damage, don’t hesitate. Contact Craig Rynne Construction and arrange a free safety inspection. During the inspection, we can


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