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Termites are an ugly force of nature. But unlike floods, fires, and tropical storms, termite damage is often not covered by your insurance policy. 

In many cases, termite damage is deemed ‘preventable’. So where does this leave your home when these ugly critters attack? 

The first step should be to identify if your home is at an increased risk. The frustrating fact of homeownership is that some locations are just safer from pests than others. Some of the most common suburbs that require termite repair work are: 

  • Carindale

  • Alexandra Hills

  • Carina

  • Calamvale

  • Annerley

  • Kenmore

  • Acacia Ridge

  • Forest Lake


What Makes These Areas Targets? 


Some areas, like Forest Lake, are at risk because of environmental factors. When the area was first created much of the area’s flora was bulldozed into the soil. Combine this with the natural moisture of the soil, and a termite haven is created. Once homes settle and shift, termites are easily able to find their way inside. 


Other areas, such as Annerley, with high rental occupancies, are at risk because of behavioural factors. Sadly, rental properties are often not treated with the same level of care in terms of pest control and inspections. A large number of properties in the same condition allow termites to leapfrog throughout an area from one unprotected home to another. 


There are some simple solutions you can implement to keep your home as safe as possible. 
Reducing the amount of organic matter around your home is a simple action that costs nothing; Firewood and garden litter should be stored off the ground and away from the home. 
Similarly, being aware of the critters you see in your backyard can help you catch termites before they get too close for comfort. 
However, regular annual termite inspections and pest treatments are the only way to be 100% certain that your home is pest-free. 


You cannot leave termite damage once it is discovered. There are many species of termites throughout South East Queensland and a significant percentage have been known to cause structural damage. 
However, just because you need your home repaired, you should not contract just any builder to fix the damage. Contracting a licensed and experienced Termite Repair Specialist is the best way to assess the extent of the damage as well as ensure that every single termite is obliterated.


Craig Rynne Constructions are highly experienced builders who can offer comprehensive termite inspection and repair. Our specialised knowledge has benefitted hundreds of families throughout Brisbane, Ipswich, and the Gold Coast. 
Whether you are wanting minor repairs or major structural work completed, Craig Rynne Construction are able to assist you. 
Contact us today to arrange an appropriate time for an initial inspection. 


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