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An important thing to remember is that a termite’s driving force is to find dead organic matter. They do not distinguish between firewood and a house. Look at your home (and surrounding homes in the suburb), and consider the following:

  • A large amount of organic debris around the house - This can be firewood that is stacked against the house or somewhere close or a large amount of garden litter.

  • Older houses that were built using untreated wood, or homes that likely have not been treated in some time.

  • Homes or suburbs that are surrounded by undeveloped bush or scrub areas.


If any of the above points ring true for your home or the homes in your suburbs, it is well worth having your home inspected for termites. The professionals who inspect your home are able to advise whether you have termites, are at a higher risk of getting termites, and how best to prevent termites from entering your home.


Particular suburbs that are often affected include:

  • Hendra

  • Nundah

  • Spring Hill

  • The Gap

  • Bardon


What do you do if you find termites?


It is important to have a professional inspect and repair your home. While it may look simple enough to repair yourself, termite damage varies greatly and can be much deeper than you realise. Termites also have the ability to compromise the structural integrity of a home. If the structure of your home is compromised you should never attempt to repair this yourself.


Additionally, you should ensure that your home is not just treated to kill the existing termites, but is also treated to prevent against future invasions. As well as removing potential hazards that can draw termites back again.


If you're concerned that your property may have suffered termite or white ant damage in Brisbane then please contact Craig and arrange a free safety inspection. As part of this we can address any necessary issues associated with compromised bracing or tie down issues. This is particularly important in Brisbane when dealing with storms associated with the region. You may also want to make sure that the dwelling is not compromised putting your insurance at risk.

If you're wanting to carry out a Brisbane home extension, we'll take a full picture assessment of your home and account for potential termite entry points, so that we can keep your home safe for years to come. This may mean some minor maintenance work to the existing home and then we can focus on the renovation that you've always wanted. Why deal with repairmen when you can deal with colonial restoration specialists who've got years of experience with older and new homes alike.

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